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Allestimento mostra "Arcipelago Italia" - Padiglione Italia alla Biennale Architettura 2018

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The contents that emerged from the research of Arcipelago Italia, the theme of the Italian Pavilion at the 2018 Biennale Architettura curated by Mario Cucinella, converge within 4 Workshops, open to the public, lasting two hours, in June, July, October, November. A round table as a place of confrontation for the team of the collective, which can present and discuss - with experts, institutions, professionals and the public present - the project in being, in order to translate into concrete proposals the theoretical reflections on the peculiarities of the territories involved in a direct reference to the people who live there.


It starts with "Off-cells. Un luogo di lavoro per le Foreste Casentinesi" which proposes a system of buildings made up of the aggregation of different uses and inspired by five criteria: facilitating the transmission of knowledge, re-proposing the harmony of proportions of religious buildings, permitting the coexistence and integration of work and residential activities, practising empathy towards the forest and the surrounding environment in the choice of materials and geometries, offering adaptability over time by providing for the possibility of expansion or dismantling and relocation of the building. "Off-cells. Un luogo di lavoro per le Foreste Casentinesi" tackles the theme of forests as a preferential sphere for the economic development of the wood industry, today a relaunching theme for the production sector within an integrated vision with local housing models. Translated with (free version)


The project, curated by diverserighestudio with the collaboration of Ernesto Antonini and Andrea Boeri of the Department of Architecture of the University of Bologna and with the support of Matteo Marsilio, aims to provide support and a reason for the settlement of inhabitants and activities linked to the local context.

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